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Reconnect with the Self

Experience Connection through
Earth, Air, Fire and Water


THANK YOU! We were so excited for your interest that we are planning another one. If you want to be the first one to know all the details and book before we release to the public, sign up for the waitlist!

Thank you,

Maleah & Blair

with Maleah Wilson:

A yoga and culinary retreat renewing the self, set on a 20-acre estate in an edenic lodge overlooking a private mountain lake in

Asheville, North Carolina. April 28 to May 3, 2022.

Are you stressed from forces outside?

Has the stress, instability, and tensions of modernity reached a high point in your one precious, wild life? 


Especially with the last two years?  


Maybe like me, you think life shouldn’t be this stretched and strained, this disconnected and disordered. 


But it seems like we all together get hit with one planetary adversity, just in time for another one to get started. As if the tests from outside of us will never end. 


Or inside?

And then there are the difficulties inside of us – the mysterious reluctance to meditate, or to reach out to loved ones or strangers. Even an unexplained, mysterious reluctance to eat good, delicious, healthful food  … even though we know these very actions, simple actions, seemingly easy actions, are what sustain human beings. 


Peace and calm and renewal and reconnection – especially in the face of challenges and adversities – shouldn’t be this hard. We need strength especially when challenged. 


Our morning meditation and yoga alcove


Private lake, paddle boating, peace and quiet

Something I learned 

I know what it’s like to feel that way – it seems the outside stresses won’t stop coming, right? And the inner resources seem locked away. 


And it can feel unclear just what we might even do about it.  


In fact, you probably know your inner resources are waiting for you … but you feel unable to tap into them. 


It’s why I became a Yoga Teacher. Why I trained to work with injuries, and became certified in Foundation Training, Vinyasa, Therapeutic, and Yin yoga. And it’s even why I’ve worked over the years to gain experience in clinical orthopedic sports medicine.


It’s also why I’ve been teaching private, semi-private and group yoga classes since 2015. Helping my clients to find their own healing – physical, yes, but also holistic reconnection.


It’s why I’ve made my purpose in life giving clients the tools to reconnect, to experience accessible yoga –  and other holistic approaches –  to find their own healing and personal power.


The Nourishing, Delicious Meals

Each meal included with the retreat is prepared by the nationally acclaimed chef, Blair Wilson, of Zero Fox Kitchen. Having worked in 5 Star restaurants and hotels, Chef Blair now caters to his own clients, creating exquisite, nutritionally balanced, healthful meals.


He chooses only the finest ingredients, and organic whenever possible, from his network of craft farms, butchers and fishers, as well as a host of other talented craftsmen. He even has connections in Asheville!

On Saturday evening we are going to let Chef Blair take the reins and create a truly once in a lifetime meal with wine pairings curated by Maleah (a retired sommelier). This meal is sure to delight all your senses.


We'll experience hiking hideaways in the blueridge mountains

skyline mountain.jpg

Breathing taking summits, a reminder of how divine life is

Destress. Reconnect.   


At the Reconnect with Self retreat tucked away on our 20-acre estate nestled against a pristine mountain lake near Ashville, North Carolina, you’ll experience cuisine and yogic reconnection. 


You’ll destress, eat mouth-wateringly delicious meals, and experience memory-making that will become a deeply valued part of your life story. 

Carry it forward.

It’s that part of your story … of how you reconnected with yourself after 2020 and 2021 – or solidified a healthy groundedness if you’ve already established one — and gained an inner perspective and strength that can carry you forward literally for the rest of your life. 


It’s an experience that will serve you for all the years to come. 


That’s what a yoga and culinary retreat in the right setting does.


That’s why I and eight individuals are going into the mountains from April 28th to May 3, 2022.

Take action now. 

Don’t let your intentions gather dust. Move with the moment. Where will you be in six months if you don’t? Possibly in exactly the same place you are now: stressed and stuck.


An afternoon meandering through the Biltmore Estate


An afternoon spent wondering downtown

The Patterns of Our Days 


Our days will follow an easy, nurturing pattern of meditation every morning, and Maleah’s signature “Functional Flow”. After that comes daily adventures such as hiking or other activities on or near the rolling 20-acre estate.


Following our morning adventures, Chef Blair will provide lunch. Following lunch,  free time in the afternoon for you to relax. Enjoy meditative walking trails around the lake.  On one afternoon we will visit downtown Asheville.  On another afternoon, we’ll make an excursion to the Biltmore. During our time at the Biltmore, we’ll experience the Monet & Friends Immersive experience.


The Elements

The Reconnect with Self Retreat is focused on reconnecting with the self through the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. 


Each day will bring you into connection with one of these four elements, deemed symbolically essential to life in ancient culture. 


Food … Activities … Casual conversations … Yoga … all of these will be based on each day’s element, and bring you into a deeper connection with yourself. So when you return home, all the experiences return within you, grounding you, giving you power for everyday life moving forward.

What’s Included

  • Travel to/from airport

  • Travel to Asheville, Biltmore, Hiking destinations

  • Breakfast: Everyday (brunch on Sunday)

  • Lunch: 3 lunches

  • Dinner: 5 dinners including 1 wine pairing dinner

  • 5 morning meditations

  • 4 morning yoga classes

  • 2 evening yoga sessions

  • Sound Bath

  • Guest Foundation Training teacher-Shane Cuppett


What's not included:

  • Airfare

  • Lunch in Asheville

  • Lunch at the Biltmore

  • Personal snacks & treats

Lodging Details:

This retreat is reserved for 8 people. We have sold out of the single room accommodations and have 2 beds available. The deposit to hold your space is $500 and due at the time of sign up. You may pay via: Venmo, Zelle, Cash, or Check. Your deposit is 100% refundable until March 1, 2022,

50% refundable until March 15, 2022 and non refundable March 16, 2022.

Please email Maleah with any questions:

Deep Connections Room:

Sold Out

lake views

shared bathroom

Deep connections room.webp
deep connections.jpg
deep connections1.jpg

Cozy Conversations:

Sold Out

lake views

shared bathroom

4th room.webp

The Property


Bites 'n breakthroughs

screened porch.webp



The curiosity of what shall unfold

hot tub.webp

Star gazing and rebirth


Who's going off the tire swing with me?

Covid Precautions:

These will be updated as we get closer to the retreat and can make informed decisions about what the best course of action will be. It is mandatory to take a 24 hour test the day before boarding the flight with a negative result to attend the retreat. 

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