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What to expect during your first private session

Yoga offers countless benefits for mind, body, soul and spirit. Regardless of whether or not you think of soul and spirit in the day-to-day, the palpable benefits of a regular practice are undeniable to anyone who has ever created a regular practice, be it at home, in studio, or in private yoga therapy sessions. It can help you build strength, flexibility, and fitness; align your body properly in different positions to avoid injury; make it easier to attain deep relaxation; and teach you to harness the power of your breath, the only thing that you are 100% in control of—your life force.

While group classes can provide a great workout, private, 1-on-1 yoga takes things a step further by tailoring the session to your body’s unique needs. The beauty of private yoga is that whether you’re a first-timer or have years of experience, it can help deepen your practice. There is time for discussion during privates that is not available during group settings, adjustments and props to create the strength, flexibility, and balance that you seek are readily available and created for you. All of these allow for deeper learning on your part and increase your confidence in your bodies ability to move freely. My job is to show up ready to meet you wherever you’re at—whether you’re tired, stressed, or feeling unstoppable. Since classes are designed for you, there’s no need to “keep up” as you would in group classes, or force your body into shapes it doesn’t naturally make, so you run less risk of injuring yourself.

In a nutshell, if you want to know you’re “doing movements right,” or need support with injuries, private sessions offer the guidance needed to help you stop wondering and start breathing.

Here’s what to expect out of our first session together:


Each private or semi-private session starts with a phone consultation to ensure that we’re compatible and that I’m able to meet your needs. After filling out the intake forms prior to your first session, we will have a more detailed in-person conversation during your first session which includes movement analysis, posture assessment, and habitual movement patterns. This provides us the opportunity to connect and chat about the best course of action for fulfilling your goals—both on and off the mat.

Covid protocols

Your health and comfort are always my first priority. We follow all recommended Covid-19 guidelines and practices, and our space is protected with a Molekule air purifier, renowned for its ability to destroy bacteria and viruses. We offer a private bathroom and shower for your convenience, and we sanitize all surfaces between students. Personally, I always mask up—whether you do is up to you. For those who’d rather practice in the open air, we also offer a beautiful outdoor practice area.

Course of action: an essential piece of your wellness plan

Rather than addressing movement restrictions as an isolated problem, I gaze through my lens of clinical experience to find ways of treating you as a whole human being. We’ll work together to build a holistic and sustainable course of action modeled on your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. The aim is to set forth a program designed just for you which combines corrective yoga techniques with proven strategies that elevate the senses (i.e. breathwork, meditation, mindful movement) for the total restoration and reformation of the body, mind and soul. It may sound lofty, but we’ve got this!

And—to best support you even when we’re not together, I provide practice videos, text support, and an ergonomics evaluation of your desk space.

As necessary, we’ll also look beneath the surface to unearth any underlying behaviors or limiting beliefs that may be perpetuating pain. If your needs ever stray from the scope of our practice, I have a strong referral network with other integrated wellness practitioners as well.


Sessions are 60-75 minutes long.

Bring comfortable clothes that you can move in, as well as a yoga mat. I provide all other props. If you prefer your own props bring those as well!

Bottom line: this is a safe and sacred, worry-free, confidential space in which we will develop a customized plan that was quite literally made for you.

I can’t wait to work with you!

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