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Foundation Training, Movement That Transforms Lives

I am pretty sure we can all agree that as we have entered the year 2022 a few days ago, never before have we been surrounded by so many modern-day conveniences. We love them, depend on them even; I mean, we can’t even make a living without most of them, but they have come at a cost… No words describe this so elegantly as Dr. Eric Goodman himself, the father of Foundation Training:

In the words of Dr. Goodman

“When you think of the overall effect our modern lifestyle has on our body it is extraordinary.
Our jobs, our hobbies, our comforts, our daily transportation, and our most efficient technology all keep our body in a realm of slow, steady, complacent adaptation to a seated life.
This chronic collision between a collapsing torso and an unstable pelvis by way of gravity… enabled so often by technology developed to make our lives better, it’s tragic. Our posture represents our response to this dilemma.
Are we held captive by a posture defined by pain and limitation, or are we enabled by movement and inspired by a body that can not only sustain, but improve upon its ability daily?” Dr. Eric Goodman

What is Foundation Training

Foundation Training was created out of necessity as a solution to Dr. Goodman’s back pain while he was in chiropractic school. Essentially, Foundation Training truly lives up to its slogan ‘From Pain to Performance’.

Foundation Training sets out to reverse the effects of modern-day lifestyles and the natural strain that time and lifestyle take on our bodies by utilizing a series of bodyweight exercises and isometric poses. These exercises activate your posterior muscle chain, re-anchor the hips, decompress the spine, ultimately retraining the body to utilize muscles to support the body, and take the burden of support away from the joints.

Not to be confused with Yoga

Well, it’s definitely not Yoga, although at first glance you might think it is: Foundation Training is very different, and I am pretty sure Dr. Goodman is exasperated every time he hears anyone refer to Foundation Training as Yoga.

While modern yoga is more ‘exercise fitness’ than actual yoga, it has the potential to keep the body in its patterns, possibly exacerbating pain points. Though yoga increases flexibility and can increase strength, Foundation Training is a corrective exercise. It is a system designed to pull you back to your center and balance the body via isometric poses, expanding the rib cage, elongating muscles; ultimately decompressing the body literally lifting the body off of the pelvis while at the same time decompressing the spine; reversing the effects of the lackadaisical and sedentary lifestyle we all inherently live this day in age.

How can this be accomplished you might ask? Through the correct adaptation of Isometric Isolation.

What is Isometric Isolation

Throughout my entire life, I have always been very active. Though, as I have gotten older, like countless friends in their 30’s and 40’s; we tend to get injured more and more as we stop living highly active lifestyles and settle into professional careers which require countless hours behind a screen and desk.

That combined with all that office sitting and car sitting; long hours mixed with the natural effects of gravity, we have and unconsciously naturally developed bad habits in posture and lifestyle.

We sit on our wallets, lean over our desks in horrid postures, resulting in our bodies falling completely out of alignment. Eventually resulting in chronic pain, discomfort, and injury when we try to pick up where we left off when we were younger and much more active

But be not dismayed, Foundation Training is the solution. By using Isometric exercises and poses, students have seen significant long-term results in as few as 12 sessions or less.

The benefits are miraculous:

· Reduced back pain

· Improved Posture

· You will stand taller, walk with confidence instead of weariness

· Pelvic Realignment

· Stronger Core

· Stronger Back

· Decreased or eliminated hip pain

· Improved Breathing

· This list could go on and on, but you get the point

Turning Back Time

Foundation Training utilizes specific poses, heavily focused on proper technique. These exercises when held correctly result in the elongation of muscles in your core. Pulling excess weight off the core and pelvis, allowing for pressure to be taken off the spine, and hips. Reversing the effects of bad posture and retraining and strengthening the core.

By decompressing the spine, and retraining the body to rely on muscle strength, Foundation Training takes the strain from the joints and body. We were designed to use muscle to support our bodies, not our skeletal system and joints. By retraining the body to support itself and stretching and strengthening the core and muscular system via isometric poses, the effects of time start to reverse. The results have been mind-blowing and life-changing since its introduction in 2007. Giving students the freedom to live a healthier and more active lifestyle again.

At Inner Spiral Wellness, our Foundation Training classes are designed to educate our students in the proper technique and support them through each pose. I have seen so much good come to so many people who have worked with Maleah. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see someone in pain come into the studio, then after a series of sessions, start to notice a significant improvement in lifestyle, reduction in pain, standing a bit taller, walking with much more confidence, eager for the next session. It is amazing to witness our students start to vibrantly enjoy life again, live life like they had tasted the fountain of youth again, pain-free, and eager to live life to the fullest.

Foundation Training is for Everyone

Ever since the day I learned about Foundation Training, my life has never been more vibrant, or full. Honestly, the results have been transformational. I recommend everyone experience a class, as soon as you do, you will wonder how you have been living without it your entire life. You will sleep better, think more clearly, stand taller, feel amazing. Especially if you are in pain, you definitely need to experience the relief I see on my students’ faces after just one session.

Foundation Training is for everyone, we all experience the negative effects of gravity, we all work in an office on a computer, I mean I am typing this right now sitting down most of the day. We have commutes that last for hours. We spend so much time sitting down. The days of most of the day being on our feet (but even standing in bad posture leaves us in pain and discomfort) are past us, but the necessity to strengthen the core has never been more vital. Too many people suffer from ailments that could be rectified with proper posture and relief of pressure.

The solution is to book a class with Maleah today. You will be so thankful you did!

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