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Hi, I'm Maleah Wilson!


Helping you eliminate pain and move with freedom is my passion! I'm a Foundation Training and Yoga Teacher, trained to work with injuries and experienced in clinical orthopedic sports medicine. I'm certified in Vinyasa, therapeutic, and Yin yoga. I’ve been teaching private, semi-private and group yoga classes since 2015.


I employ Foundation Training, accessible yoga and other movement modalities to reveal causes for your discomfort including: back health or postural issues, physical misalignments, anatomical disorders, biomechanical dysfunction, and pelvic pain. It's my goal to help you get out of pain and back to life.


The path I’ve chartered is cultivated from my own experience with injury and recovery. During my first 200-hour yoga teacher training, I injured my rotor cuff and herniated my L4/L5 disks.


My chiropractor, Dr. Sandra Doman, supported me through the recuperation of my injuries and the anatomy portions of the training. This type of medical, precise application of healing has completely transformed the way I practice and teach.  My perspective about posture and the interconnectedness between mind and body radically shifted, and this overall experience profoundly informed the future course of my career as a yoga teacher and forever-student.


Soon after I completed my yoga training, Dr. Doman asked me to join her team at Miami’s only ‘Physician Supervised Yoga Therapy Center,’ and I jumped at the opportunity. Dr. Doman and I worked together to create programs that include stress management, meditation, posture correction, yoga poses, and strengthening of the mind body connection. Our mission was to treat the whole person not just the symptoms, seeking to get to the root cause of dis-eases, not just patching up isolated injuries.


With Dr. Doman’s collaboration, I completed over 2 ½ years of experience guiding patients with MS, chronic anxiety, depression, orthopedic injuries, and degenerative diseases. I completed her “Working with Injuries” course and was trained in proper movement biomechanics while deepening my fluency in corrective exercise. Also during this time, I completed a second, 200-hour training course with internationally recognized educator, Alexandria Crow. This training was focused on biomechanics, movement patterns, accessible yoga and meditation.


I believe that continuing education on a constant basis is essential for my practice. Throughout each year, I attend multiple immersion and training courses led by esteemed instructors while I continue to maintain a strict personal practice.


On a Personal Note

When not on my mat or supporting clients, you can find me playing princess or mermaids with my beautiful daughter, supporting my husband, who is an uberly talented private chef, or loving up on our ole’ rescue pup, Bear. I am a lover of the ocean and all that it offers and plan to learn kite surfing in the coming year. Covid brought its challenges, but it also brought my family closer, and I’m thrilled to continue this journey with them!

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