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Inner Spiral Wellness

Foundation Training, Yoga & Functional Movement

Whole Body Therapy

Highly customized private and semi private movement sessions so you can decrease your pain, build strength and flexibility, and move with more ease.

Private yoga with Maleah Wilson.



Empowering you to feel your very best physically and mentally through Foundation Training, yoga and functional movement.

Semi-private yoga with Maleah Wilson.


  • Foundation Training

  • Yoga & Mobility

  • Integrated Strength Training

  • Orthopedic Prehab & Rehab

  • Meditation

Outdoor yoga session


  • Outdoor space for sessions

  • Molekule air purifier

  • Studio sanitizing between sessions

  • Zoom sessions

  • Studio bathroom with shower

Meet Maleah

My approach to movement is two-fold: First, we move mindfully to assess your body's weak, overused, or sensitive areas. Once we reveal the root cause of your discomfort, we then practice movement, mobility and strength-building exercises to relieve your pain.

maleah in ft pose.jpeg

What People Say 

Maleah's understanding of not only yoga, but also anatomy and just genuine love for the work she does has literally changed not only my yoga practice, but my life.

I am a certified yoga teacher, but taking Maleah's classes taught me to focus on the alignment and posture of my body, not the poses. Whenever I am in Maleah's class I feel equal parts acceptance and encouragement. I use her tips every single day.

My confidence and self love have never been better. I stand so much taller, my doctor asked me if I grew. I cannot say enough good things. Just pure love for the environment Maleah creates for self exploration.

I am not kidding, she has literally changed the way I stand, move, and exist in the world. Thanks for everything! 


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Boca Raton, FL 33487

Tel: 517. 404. 3151

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